Historikerbüro Düsseldorf is a young agency whose purpose it is to mediate history and events of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Modernity and tradition, Königsallee and old city, garden-city and working-class district, what’s Düsseldorf?

Could it be, that Düsseldorf possesses the most ashamed church of Germany? That the name of the Königsallee results from flying dirt? That Alt and Kölsch are the same kind of beer? That the most renowned dialectical theatre of Cologne is rooted in Düsseldorf? That Düsseldorf once had the “fastest” subway of the world? That only in Düsseldorf there is a planetarium where are happening concerts?

You’d like to know more? Historikerbüro Düsseldorf will show you in an entertaining and “tangible” manner all aspects of the town. Whether by guidances, speeches, programs for a whole day or by an information and research service, Historikerbüro Düsseldorf will help you to discover the town.

Guidance about certain crucial themes, e.g. “Heinrich Heine”, “Jan Wellem” or “The Karlstadt“, tours around the old city and different quarters, by bike or Inline-skating, special tours for children and families are the main events of the agency.

Historikerbüro Düsseldorf organizes programs for a whole day according to the wishes of interested groups. The town with all her aspects of art, culture, history and lifestyle will be in the centre of these programs – whether breakfast or diner, a visit of a museum or theatre, a guided tour or a concert, it’s all possible.

And if there are questions about the town’s history, ask Historikerbüro Düsseldorf, we are at your service.